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Dear Ed,
I would like to invite you to march with me in this year’s San Francisco Pride Parade, which takes place on Sunday June 24th starting at 9:30AM. If you would like to join me in this fun and impactful civic event, please RSVP here or email

In the past year, LGBT people in California claimed several significant victories, even in the face of opposition from our federal government. Last year, the Legislature passed, and the Governor signed, a number of bills I authored to expand our community’s rights. SB 179 (with lead author Senator Toni Atkins), SB 219, and SB 239 created a third non-binary gender marker option on all state identification documents, created legal protections for LGBT seniors in long-term care facilities, and modernized our criminal laws to stop singling out people living with HIV for uniquely harsh treatment.
Just this year, the California Senate made history by electing its first LGBT person and first woman as Senate President: Senator Toni Atkins of San Diego. We have come far in our fight for equal rights for every member of our community, but our work is far from over.
I am proud to be authoring two bills this year to protect and promote the rights of LGBT people.
SB 990 is a civil rights bill protecting transgender people who are incarcerated in California. Specifically, it requires that all incarcerated individuals in California be afforded the opportunity to provide their gender identity, preferred name, and gender pronouns, and that facility staff address individuals as such. It also requires that LGBT incarcerated individuals housed away from the general population for their own protection be afforded the same programming opportunities as those housed in the general population.
SB 918, also known as the Homeless Youth Act of 2018, provides services for the 15,000 youth experiencing homelessness in California. It establishes an Office of Homeless Youth, which will identify data-driven policy solutions to the problems associated with youth homelessness. LGBT youth are dramatically overrepresented among homeless youth, making up about 40 percent of that population. SB 918 aims to provide support for this especially vulnerable population.
I’m working hard to pass these bills and get them signed into law. I’ll keep fighting to ensure that all the members of the LGBT community feel safe and can live in our State with security and dignity.
This year during Pride, we have much to celebrate, and I hope you’ll consider joining me in the Parade!

Scott Wiener

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