sfpl Score a New Golden State Warriors Library Card from San Francisco and Oakland Public Libraries this Summer

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Score a New Golden State Warriors Library Card from San Francisco and Oakland Public Libraries this Summer

New Warriors library cards support the importance of reading and library visits
over the summer months.

The 2017 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors basketball team is showing its commitment to summer reading with new library cards designed for San Francisco Public Library and Oakland Public Library. The card is being launched in conjunction with both Bay Area library systems summer learning programs, to encourage children and families to keep reading, learning and visiting their public libraries, all summer long.

Library users on both sides of the Bay can show their Warriors team spirit with a new library card. The San Francisco Warriors card is available to all library users, starting May 26, while supplies last. Patrons can obtain a card while signing up for SFPL’s Summer Stride program, which kicked off on May 19. Oakland Public Library’s Warriors card will be available on June 9 to all library users. Oakland’s Summer Reading and Teen Passport Program runs from June 9 through August 4, with pre-registration now available at oaklandlibrary.org/summer.

“We are excited that the San Francisco Public Library is releasing new library cards celebrating the Warriors,” said Mayor Mark Farrell. “San Francisco is Warriors’ ground and these new library cards are a creative and practical way to proudly display our and blue and gold pride.”

Designed by the Golden State Warriors, the San Francisco library card is brightly colored in the team’s traditional blue and gold design. The team acknowledged the city of San Francisco by combining a hand-drawn illustration of a Warriors player rising tall for a shot in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. This card, like all San Francisco Public Library cards, opens up a world of possibilities.

The Warriors represent teamwork, positivity and optimism and are honored to be a part of the rich history of the Bay Area.

Pick up this new collector’s edition library card at any neighborhood library in San Francisco or Oakland before they are gone.