The Odd Mondays Series at Folio Books

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The Odd Mondays Series at Folio Books
Monday May 7th, 7 PM
3957 24th Street, San Francisco
Come to the Merry Month of May Potpourri Part One
Invited Speakers Include Mel Ash, Tsun Yuan Chen, Eveline Landau Kanes
Mel Ash is a Zen teacher, mental health counselor, graphic artist, writer, performer and Beat scholar. He teaches nothing less than the complete recovery of our Original Human Nature. Everything he teaches is a result of work done first on himself. Zen, it has been said, is the most radical approach to human consciousness yet devised. It is in this spirit that the work is conducted and results achieved. Ash was formally recognized and authorized as a dharma teacher by Korean Zen master Seung Sahn in 1988 after several years of study and living at the Providence Zen Center.

"Along Alien Roads" is an autobiographical novel by Tsun Yuan Chen, a Chinese American surgeon. Beginning with his ancestors and spanning over a century of recent Chinese history, the author traverses a path from Asia to America, between straight and gay love and inevitable, continual change, while sustaining the core of an Eastern spirit.
“A finely woven tapestry of memories that takes the shape of a man who contains multitudes. Born to a family from Canton and Shanghai, a father in the Nationalist government, a mother who rode bareback in Siberia, her father a Chinese diplomat under the Czar and after the revolution. Exile in Taiwan, schooled in Japan . . . educated as an engineer at MIT, then as a physician, he shapeshifts from engineer to doctor, married man with children to gay man in Northern California to gay man in love with a woman. He is at once deeply Chinese and completely American; straight, gay, and bisexual, he’s lived each category without being defined by a category. Comfortable in his own skin, yet uneasy in the ways he is different and forever in exile, Chen’s memoir is a wonder. Exquisitely written. Rich in detail. Deeply moving.”
— Michael Alenyikov (author of the award-winning novel "Ivan and Misha.")

Eveline Landau Kanes is a literary translator of German poetry and prose. Her latest original collection, "A Coin Worn Thin," elegantly portrays the foundational years of a young girl forced out of Germany along with other war-themed narratives. Her translations include: "Maligned Master: The Real Story of Antonio Salieri" by Volkmar Braunbehrens, "Paris Capital of Europe: From the Revolution to the Belle Epoque" by Johannes Willms, "The Bureaucratization of the World" by Henry Jacoby, "The mathematics of Nina Gluckstein" by Esther Vilar.

“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you odd.”
- Flannery O’Connor

Join us at The Haystack Pizza, 3881 24th St., at 5:30 P.M. for a no-host pizza/salad or other entré supper ($15-20). The 24 and 48 lines and the J Church offer nearby Muni transportation.