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About Events

One time events such as a garage sale would be listed here. There is no charge for a listing. Just send in the details. Best if it is ready to copy and paste.

Recurring Events

The San Francisco Public Library

The SFPL is offering events (both recurring and one-time) at a staggering pace. Please refer to the "Living/Library" portion of the menu for access to the main and seleccted local branches for events.

Omnivore Books

A book shop dedicated to food, bringing book signings, demonstrations and tastings to Noe Valley. Please visit and bookmark Omnivore Books

Farmers Market

Farmers Market is held weekly at the parking lot on the South side of 24th Street, between Vicksburg and Sanchez. For more detailed information, refer to the Noe Valley Farmers Market web site.

Odd Mondays

Odd Mondays pressent a variety of informative, artistic programs. Click the active link to visit the site for information on the current presentation.

About Recurring Events

If your group offers a newsletter, that could be listed here, with a link to sign up. At this time the actual order is in flux and so nothing is cast in concrete. No spam would be a good start.

exhibits (coming soon)

At the SFPL

Exhibits at the Library are listed on the site. The exhibit may be at the main or at one of branches.