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Not just olive oil

Olive This Olive That
Not just olive oils

Special event labeling

Olive This Olive That
special event labeling

menu changes

Note that the forum has been removed from the menu and from the site.

The new item "people" is added. This item will (with your help) will be populated with artists, authors and the many other persuits of our residents. Recommendations?

Check the new listings

  • 3/29/2017 Added Grocery Outlet (in shop-grocery)

  • 3/29/2017 Added Grocery Outlet Mission District (in shop-grocery)


Listing on is and always has been free. To get your site listed you must:

  • be associated with Noe Valley
    • Have a shop or business here.
    • OR be loosely connected to Noe Valley.
    • Contractors are OK.
  • Send me an eMail (
    • URL
    • OR Name, Address (contact info / addrress is for Google map, but does not apply to web sites. If you want a map on your site - ask your web weaver).
    • Tell me a category to place the business.
  • Please tell me when the listing is no longer needed.